Azur Crop Top


Héria Enamel printed dress with belt


Machine washable at 30 degrees.

Material: Gabardin 100% PES , 

Size: S

Bust: 90 cm

Length: 40 cm


Használati utasítás és információ:

Héria Enamel ékszer mintás ruha övvel 

Anyag: Gabardin 100% PES 

Mosás: maximum 30 Celsius fokon

Méretek: S

Hossz: 40 cm 

Mellszélesség: 90 cm

Azur Crop Top

  • Héria Enamel Azur Crop-Top

    Each dress is adorned with patterns from the jewelleries made by the designer.

    The cloth shows the micro-surfaces which are invisible to the naked eye of the jewels and the colors that hide them between the painted layers. 


    Héria Enamel printed


    Machine washable at 30 degrees.

    All of our products are handmade, therefore slight variations are expected making each one of a kind and unique. Please do not consider them defective.

    This garment was made in a sustainable production.

    It took 9 hours for one cutter and one seamstress to make it