Héria Enamel x The wardrobe T-shirt


  • White
  • Héria Enamel printed with text
  • Text: Be an artist of your life



100% cotton

Machine washable at 30 degrees. 

Sizes: M



  • Fehér
  • Héria Eanmel minta felirattal
  • Felirat: Be an artist of your life


Használati útmutató és információk:

Anyag: 100% pamut

Mosás: maximum 30 Celsius fokon

Méretek: M 


Héria Enamel x The wardrobe T-shirt


    Due to the special manufacturing process, each piece is one of a kind as each of them bears a different pattern and different colour – a peculiarity resulting from the enamelling technique.


    Care instructions


    Genuine Héria Enamel jewellery is made for life. With some simple care tips and by following the instructions, your precious jewellery will remain unchanged.


    Protection of your jewellery


    We suggest not to wear jewellery when sleeping or doing physical exercise. Protect your jewellery from chloride, chemicals and salt-water as these substances can cause metal surfaces to fade.

    Avoid contact with make-up products, creams, perfumes or hair lacquers. Keep the jewellery moist-free.




    If not worn, store your jewellery in an appropriate case or sachet protecting it from fading or scratching.

    Website and e-mail address of the manufacturer: www.heriaenamel.com costumer@heriaenamel.com